The Wikipedia week in Shymkent city NIS

The Wikipedia week, held from 17th to 22nd of February, was remarkable for its various events. The purpose of this project was a propaganda of the club’s commitment and involving all students in its development.

The opening ceremony was on the 17th of February where students got to know with different contests to participate. They had opportunity to reveal their creative abilities in such contests as “The best article”, “The best media file”, where students showed their skills in writing articles of different styles and choosing the material. The young artists struck by their skills of painting and graphically transmitting the idea of project onto the paper, participating in the contest “The best post” and “The best logo of the club”.

Taking part in the contest “Shanyrak that created the greater amount of articles”, students were engaged in a teamwork, where the number of articles on different themes was taken into account. During the closing ceremony of the week, the audience enjoyed songs, poems and sketches prepared by students.

The winners were announced as following: The Khacknazarkhan Shanyrak created the most amount of articles”, Tolykbek G., the student of 11 “B”, was awarded for “the best “Wikipedia” logo”, Zhunysova B., the student of 9 B, as the most ambitious participant, Tolbasy A., the student of 8 “D”, for the best article, the Abylairkhan Shanyrak as the best “Wikipedia” post maker and Okimbek S., the student of 9 “C”, for the best media file. Moreover, every participants was awarded with certificates and souvenirs. Their active engagement in this tremendous undertaking has become the best example of the awareness, solemnity and best writing skills that the students of our School have.