Digital educational resources
Digital educational resource is an information source containing graphical, digital, speech, audio, video, photo and other information aimed at the achievement of objectives and aims of modern education.

Digital educational resources have become an integral part of modern education. In this connection our centre implements projects on development, adaptation and purchase of the following types of digital educational resources supporting teaching and learning in Grade 1-12:

  • — Interactive multimedia books
  • — Simulators and training systems
  • — 3D clips and video
  • — Virtual games and labs
  • — Educational and developing games and applications

The development of digital educational resources is carried out both independently and in international partnerships.

Advanced multimedia technologies are used during development of DER
Learners use DER for independent homework and knowledge consolidation
Teachers use DER as a main or additional resource in the teaching process
Development of DER involve cross-platform development technologies
DER integrates advanced international and national development experience
All DER meet the international safety standards