A new project «Action research» started in Intellectual School in Pavlodar

On the 28th of February, 2014 in Nazarbayev Intellectual School of chemistry and biology in Pavlodar, Rose McLellan, a Dr. of the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge (Cambridge), met with a pilot group of teachers who are involved in the project of «Action research». The main objective of the project is to solve the practical problems of teaching so as to improve the participants’ practice.


Since the project was launched at the school only recently, it was a relevant and timely meeting. The workshop covered issues of the initial phase of the research, such as question formulation, the choice of tools to determine the effectiveness of the methods, and the development plan.

Ms. Rose explained the scheme of action research and answered all of the questions the focus- groups asked.

Thanks to constructive conversation, teachers clarified their vision of future research.

Rose McLellan explained that is necessary at the beginning of each study to scrutinize how deep the problem has been studied in teaching science. She also cautioned teachers against specific mistake they all make. She advised them to corroborate the theory of their research with their practical research results. In her opinion, the most important goal of this work is to develop the skill of constant reflection of your own practice and its results.  She said it was also important to gain success in meeting the targets of teaching and the goals of students in their learning process.

All teachers of the pilot group were unanimous in their opinion that «Action research» is a necessary part of work for every creative teacher.  This meeting with Rose gave teachers confidence to start the action research.